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MAGAZIN :: Index: 'C' :: CONTROL DENIE ....


Das unveröffentlichte CONTROL DENIED-Album, letztes musikalisches Lebenszeichen Chuck Schuldiners, wird nach monatelangen Querelen nun doch endlich im Herbst 2004 veröffentlicht werden. Der Veröffentlichung gingen rechtliche Streitigkeiten zwischen Hammerheart, dem ehemaligen Label Schuldiners, und Chuck’s Familie voraus. Von Seiten des Labels erreichte uns folgende Stellungnahme:

“We have requested to get the Master tapes on these recordings, but Chuck´s family do not wish to communicate or talk with us anymore, let alone send us the Master tapes (which are 75% finished) that should have been with us long ago.
Probably there will be a lot of talk and discussions appearing, which we can understand obviously, but a fact is that we signed a contract with Chuck that he was very happy about, paid the full advance in 2000, have been asking for a solution during 2002 and 2003, but in all honesty we never really got a reply.

The only honest and valid reason why the "real" album by CONTROL DENIED is still not released is very simple; the legal heritors of Chuck (= his family) refuse to do anything concerning this release, if they will claim differently it is time for them to prove us wrong, we have been waiting for 18 months. I think they should stop fooling around with the record-label and the fans, the time to act in honesty is now or never !!! We are not lying, not cheating and in no way disrespectful, if someone disagrees he will need to prove us wrong, it is in the hands of Chuck´s family.”

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