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Rubrik: Start / Bands

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LUNA FIELD  Beliebte
Beschreibung: uprising Death/Black Metal band from Germany!
Eingetragen am: 01.May.2003 Hits: 626
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Beschreibung: Atmospheric metal from South Bohemia...
Eingetragen am: 03.May.2006 Hits: 507
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Mercury Sun  Beliebte
Beschreibung: Black/Death Metal aus Frankfurt/M
Eingetragen am: 25.Sep.2004 Hits: 457
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MIDWINTER - Black Heavy Metal  Beliebte
Beschreibung: Vielseitiger Black Metal aus Düsseldorf. Hört mal in die mp3s rein...
Eingetragen am: 19.May.2004 Hits: 497
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Mirror of Deception  Beliebte
Beschreibung: Doom Metal aus Schwabistan.
Eingetragen am: 02.Oct.2002 Hits: 531
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Morning (dream metal from holland)  Beliebte
Beschreibung: Dreammetal… Imagine a mix from atmospheric pop, progressive rock and heavy fantasy metal, that’s a short description of the music Morning makes… Morning was founded in the summer of 2000 by Saskia van Heugten (vocals) and drummer Mauro Pi (drums). In autumn 2000 the brothers Pol Bannier (bassguitar) and Stijn Bannier (synths) joined the band. Until summer 2003, the band released two demo-EP’s. In February 2001 they released "Little Moves", with Jerry Jacobs on guitar. This demo-cd caused, apart from Morning becoming more known, a lot of gigging in the Netherlands and abroad in 2002 and 2003, now with Gilles van Hoof as the guitarist. With this line-up Morning also released the mini-cd "Circle of Power" in April 2002, which was reviewed very positively in several magazines. The cd was recorded by Hans Reinders (Boondoggle) in the Pitstudio (Sun Caged, Banner of Thugs, Desensitised, Triple 7) in Weert, The Netherlands and it was mastered by Marcel Coenen (ex-Lemur Voice, Sun Caged).
Eingetragen am: 02.Dec.2003 Hits: 596
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Mouthful of Flies  Beliebte
Beschreibung: it is time for one of the most adrenalin fuelled bands of our time to unleash it's awesome power upon the metal hoardes. mouthful of flies have been busily crafting their first deadly offering, deep in the black heart of london, uk. late nights fuelled by drug induced ranting, chanting, screaming and conjouring has resulted in pure nasty, heavy, kick-ass metal.
Eingetragen am: 04.Apr.2005 Hits: 547 Bewertung: 10 (1 Stimme)
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Beschreibung: Official MYSTERY BLUE website, the French band with a great female singer...Heavy Metal Never Dies!!!
Eingetragen am: 11.May.2003 Hits: 2735
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NEMESIS(CZ)  Beliebte
Beschreibung: Death Metal From Czech Republic...
Eingetragen am: 18.Aug.2003 Hits: 1449
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O.D.Omegadoom  Beliebte
Beschreibung: Deathcore/Hatecore from Dtown/Germany
Eingetragen am: 27.May.2003 Hits: 526
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